Thank God, as it’s my favourite print!!  And I’m not alone, from Kate Moss to Bet Linch, you’re sure to find a bit of leopard print in everyone’s wardrobe, and if you haven’t I’d suggest you do!  This season is no exception and the shops are a frenzy of spots, from animalistic accessories  to catlike, cuddly coats, I’m in heaven!!
This is me prowling around in my fav vintage leopard coat.  I find vintage is always a good option when looking for a classic leopard print, and just goes to show how long this prints been a firm favourite.  The other is me mixing prints, my leopard skirt with a floral print top.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up, and as it’s all about eclectic mash ups this season, it’s never been a better time to try it!
From Coats, to shoes, to underwear, to skirts and more shoes, you name it leopard print can be put on it!  Here’s a little bit of inspiration to get you going….
I was lead down this leopard lane, as I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of leopard ankle boots.  There are lots out there at the moment, but I have yet to find that illusive pair with my name on.  If you are thinking about dipping a toe into this trend then a boot could be a good place to start.  Just a hint can lift any outfit and give it some fashion fun!!
Well that concludes my leopard round up, I hope I’ve persuaded you to take a little walk on the wild side!