Cropped Flare If You Dare!

If your bored with your skinny jeans and haven’t totally embraced the full on 70’s flare, I think this seasons new trend might be right up your street.  The cropped flare is definitely having a moment, longer than a culotte and shorter that your standard trouser, this fresh new cut is a daring trend I […]

A Leopard Never Changes its Spots!

This is me prowling around in my fav vintage leopard coat.  I find vintage is always a good option when looking for a classic leopard print, and just goes to show how long this prints been a firm favourite.  The other is me mixing prints, my leopard skirt with a floral print top.  Don’t be […]

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The Thighs the Limit!!

Well that’s it then, Summer is well and truly over (apart from today and yesterday…. flipping British weather, you never know where you are!!)  I think I actually could hear the combined sigh of relief this week as all the little treasures were packed back off to school, mine included!  and our thoughts naturally turning […]

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Forget Beach Ready, Are you Autumn/Winter Ready?!?

I know I know, you haven’t even had your bikini on yet, but in the fashion world Summer is sooooo over and it’s all about A/W. Having worked in many a fashion head office, I too am in this mind set and can’t wait to start sporting the new trends.  As the sales are are […]

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My 40’s Festival Fix!

So as promised my festival guide for us more mature music lovers!  Last Thursday I hit my favourite festival, long gone are the days of sleeping on a ground sheet, not washing for days and emerging out of a tent looking sleepy but stylish… If those days ever did truly exist!!  For those of you […]

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What a Lovely Vintage Pear!!

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Sophie’s Summer Sale Picks

Well the sales are in full swing, they’ve gone a little early this year due to this pants weather we’ve been having.  Bad for the retailers but absolutely brilliant for us!!  I try to follow a few rules when hitting the sales, to stop me from going completely crazy.  My top tip is always look […]

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Hello My Name is Vogue and I’m a Lycra-holic!!

She’s probably going to kill me for posting this pic, but my good friend,  Suzie Cox aka Ex Gladiator Vogue, has a problem, a very serious problem, she is actually addicted to lycra!!  My mission if I wish to accept it, (which obviously I do) is to get this lycra loving lovely back into civvies. […]

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Under Starters Orders

First up is the Ivestec Derby Festival 4th – 5th June

The Derby is one of the most famous flat races in the world, dating back to 1780.  The dress code for the Queens stand is top hats and hats or fascinators for the ladies.  This is my partner Tom’s favourite day out, he’s been going […]

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King Kimono and the Coconuts!!

Here are a few of my favourites that are out there now, hope you like them too!Release the Kimono Dragon in you!!

Photography, props and dog (Ramone) thanks to my friend Laura, more on her lovely home and fabulous vintage wardrobe to come……

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