Love them or hate them, there’s no getting away from them.

I’m firmly in the love corner, and just like Sarah Jessica Parker have been for a few years now, I’m just about to buy my 5th pair so I think this surely means it’s true love!


So imagine my delight when the clog was heralded shoe of the season. There was little doubt this would happen when Prada sent these 70s lovelies down their Spring/Summer catwalk. Coupled with the 70s fashion explosion this summer it looks like they’re here to stay.

So If you’ve yet to take the leap I’ve selected a few of my favourites, and if your worried that walking around with 2 blocks of wood on your feet isn’t going to be comfortable then think again, I think they are some of the most comfi shoes I own! I have 2 pairs of Hasbeens and 2 pairs from Lotta from Stockholm and to be honest the only difference is the price. 4 years ago I went over to Lotta’s house to buy my first pair, Lotta a lovely charismatic Swede living in London was so enthusiastic about her product it was infectious.  I knew I was going to like her as soon as I saw the selection of clogs in varying sizes and colours lined up by the door!

From selling them out of her kitchen and on a stall on Portabella she has gone from strength to strength, and now has a small warehouse where I went to visit her last week to continue my love affair.

Lovely Lotta and her dog Pompee!
It was a veritable elfs workshop, polishing and packing clogs to send out to all their very happy customers. Lotta was again there in the midst of everything looking as stylish and gorgeous as ever with her cute dog ‘Pompee’


I was after a pair of red high clogs but unfortunately they didn’t have them but Lotta very kindly said she would make me a special pair, how lucky am I!!!

There are many companies doing their own versions which is great, but at heart I’m a purist , and if they haven’t come from Sweden then to me they just don’t have the same appeal and are not really “what I like to call” a clog!!


Images of my special bespoke pair to follow……….