If your bored with your skinny jeans and haven’t totally embraced the full on 70’s flare, I think this seasons new trend might be right up your street.  The cropped flare is definitely having a moment, longer than a culotte and shorter that your standard trouser, this fresh new cut is a daring trend I for one am going to be giving a go!

“But you’re a short arse” I here you cry!! Yes, I am well aware of my vertical challenges thank you, however I’ve been assured this trend works just as well on us short folk as it does you long limbed lovelies out there.  In fact I’d even go as far to say possibly better!!  So I will be sporting mine just as soon as I find the perfect pair.  I’ve tried a few pairs on and have to admit I really do like them, this shouldn’t have been a huge surprise as I loved them the first time round too, and remember thinking I was particularly it on a broom, when I used to pair them with my beloved Patrick Cox shoes!

Another cool thing about these groovy pants is that they look good with lots of different footwear, from flats to stilettos to mid calf boots, again flat or high.  You don’t need a colossal wedge,  like you do for their cousin, the floor skimming flare.

The Queen of this current look seems to be good old Alexa Chung, love her or hate her there’s no denying she knows how to nail a trend….
Here are a few more of my favourite looks.
Now to the important bit….. where to get your hands on these flarey fellas!!
Asos cropped flare £35.00
Asos Monki cropped jean bargain at £20.00
H&M nearly black cropped jeans £29.99
Self Portrait high waisted jeans
J Brand Selena cropped jeans
Victoria Beckham black kick flare pants £462.22
So if your still in doubt here’s another couple of reasons for giving them a go, firstly it’s nearly pay day, yayyyy!!!!! and secondly this length of trouser is perfect for rainy or snowy conditions as you’ll never get the bottoms wet!!!