I know I know, you haven’t even had your bikini on yet, but in the fashion world Summer is sooooo over and it’s all about A/W. Having worked in many a fashion head office, I too am in this mind set and can’t wait to start sporting the new trends.  As the sales are are being dragged out to a slow and painful death, there’s nothing nicer than spotting all the new loveliness that is hitting down in store.  If your really clever you can sometimes pick up the odd bit in the sale now that will fit into the up coming trends.  This is by no means gospel, it’s my interpretation of whats to come, what’s caught my eye and the looks I have been most drawn to.  This is the biggest challenge for the high street, many a head will roll for backing the wrong trends and not putting the money where the main stream mouth is!   So here you go, this it what I’m feeling and how some of the models and celebs have already started to interpret them.
Like a magpie I’m always drawn to the sparkle and shimmer so the emerging trend for anything glittery and dazzling with a retro vibe to boot is literally my idea of heaven.  A/W is always a time when the designers can go a little wild with colour and texture and this season they have taken this to the max, so watch out, it’s not for the faint hearted!!
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Still with a touch of more is more is the introduction of shimmering brocades and glittering jacquards.  Made a little edgier this time round with the use of raw edges and unusual cuts.
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The suit is back, be it soft tailoring, unusual colour combos, a city two piece or a glam evening ensemble, you can’t go far wrong.  Paired with a polo neck, pussy bow or bare chest for the brave!!
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If your thinking winter coat your not going to go far wrong with a fur (fake of course) this literally littered the runway.  I must admit I love a fur coat, nothing looks or feels more glam and you can even through it over your PJs and still look great!!
Add a touch of fur to your wardrobe now with this luxe sheepskin gilet from Whistles
The other piece of outerwear that doesn’t seem to want to go away is the cape.  Not always the easiest thing to wear but can look super cool and is quite a good transitional coat before we hit ice cold finger tingling weather.
Swing your way into Autumn with this cape from Zara
Other things to keep an eye out for are quilted jackets and coats, bringing a whole new meaning to duvet days!
Quilted Coat Uniglo
Quilted Jacket Zara
As well as pastels and pink making a reappearance look out for tangerine and hot red for a fresh burst of colour, pleats are back too so why not do both together!
This little number covers 3 trends in one, Tangerine, pleats and this seasons biggest accessory trend big and bold belts.
Blue pleated skirt Topshop
Silver pleated skirt And Other Stories
Hope this has has wetted your appetites, look out for the new ins to see whats going to float your boat this up coming season.  I’ll do another high street edition once things start coming through thick and fast, with a little bit more detail on outfit building and how to actually wear these trends successfully without looking like a quality street!!  Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, if you haven’t already make sure you do this week as I’m going to pick an email address at random to do an on-line shop with for A/W, so go on what are you waiting for, it could be you!!