She’s probably going to kill me for posting this pic, but my good friend,  Suzie Cox aka Ex Gladiator Vogue, has a problem, a very serious problem, she is actually addicted to lycra!!  My mission if I wish to accept it, (which obviously I do) is to get this lycra loving lovely back into civvies.  For those of you who know her, you know I have my work cut out, as not only does she love lycra she also has a penchant for fancy dress!!

After years of wondering around with her pugal stick, making fitness  DVDs,  personal training and generally being an all round fitness and nutrition guru, Suzie has become stuck in a lycra rut.  What’s not to like, it’s super stretchy and comfy and she can drop into splits within a moments notice. However, now mum of 2 and working on her new business venture, not to mention being a 40 somethinger, she feels it’s time to hang up the tan tights and thong leotard and step into something a little bit more in keeping with her current lifestyle.

Body shape wise Suzie finds it hard to find cloths to fit, she has a naturally athletic build, broad shoulders but now, after children,  a surprise bust! Narrower hips and not much of a waist…. so what I like to call an Inverted Triangle!

Here are some before shots of Suzie going about her daily business!!
Below are some outfit suggestions for an inverted triangle body shape, I’m not one to stick to the rules religiously but you just need to think about proportions.  If you have wider shoulders than hips, then try and create a silhouette to compensate this.  Peplums are an inverted triangle’s best friend, plus a wide leg trouser and or a colourful bottom, to draw attention away from the top half of the body.  Below are a few outfit ideas I sent to Suzie, she doesn’t have much spare time so my on line personal shopping service suits her well.  However we did still manage to squeeze in a very very quick shopping trip too!
Effectively whatever your body shape, the illusion you’re trying to achieve is an hour glass shape; so if you keep this in mind when you’re trying things on you shouldn’t go far wrong.
Here’s the good lady herself larking around in the changing rooms, we managed to find a few pieces but are still on the hunt for a kimono, as the one she tried on wasn’t quite right.  We’re just heading into the summer sales too so it can be a tricky time to shop.  I tend to like to get things when they first drop into store for the upcoming season, to avoid disappointment….
Suzie was very happy with this combo, a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans and mandarin collar blouse in her favourite jade green. both from Zara.
Next this cute little stripped dress from Cos, perfect shape and great for popping on for the school run after the gym.
Again from Cos, this asymetric skirt looked fab and showed off suzie’s great pins!
On to topshop and some cool black skinny ripped jeans, a good piece to create a slim line silhouette under softer layering options. Plus the good old faithful kimono!
Finally back to Cos and this super soft slinky bomber perfect for dashing around town.
A huge thanks to suzie for letting me share her shopping experience, it was quite exhausting running up and down the travelators with her!! never a dull moment when we spend time together, I’m amazed so many pics came out without her doing high kicks around the changing rooms or both of us rolling about on the floor in laughter.  If you want to see what she’s getting up to now, or if you’re a secret Gladiator fan follow her on Twitter @Cox1Suzie or check out her website

Hope this has inspired any other Inverted Triangles to go forth and multiply their wardrobes!!  Contenders ready!?!