Rather than running the London Marathon on the 26th April, I was running around Westfield with these lovely fellas, it’s a tough job but someone had to do it!! With my stylist hat on I’d been tasked with kitting out The Diamond Boys’ with a new look for their band.

The thought of getting all 4 of them to agree on a look was a little daunting but I needn’t have worried. They should change their name to the Dream Boys as it really was a dream. No hissy fits and all really willing to try anything and work together.

I hate to say it but I fear if it had been 4 ladies it may have been a totally different story!!

The brief was for them all to have a more uniform look but not to loose sight of their individuality and not forgetting that they are musicians so a little bit of rock and roll thrown in for good measure!

We decided on the same suits but to make a difference with their accessories: for example use the same colour pallet but one wear a bow tie one a waistcoat one a tie one open neck shirt etc.

We settled on 2 different looks, one more for their summer gigs and the other more of classic evening tuxedo style.

What surprised me was the choice of off the peg suits, which is probably why the men’s hire wear business is currently being priced out of the market.

In the end we managed to get everything from Topman, they had a huge selection with something for everyone and at a really great price. We also vetured into Next and I was pleasantly surprised again, this was particularly good for accessories.

So if your man needs a little summer sprucing send him my way it will be a pleasure!

All suits from topman