Apologies for the title, I couldn’t resist, one I love coconuts and two the Kimono currently is the king of my wardrobe!

From a cool throw on at night, to a jacket in the day for our ever changeable climate, a bikini cover up and evening holiday piece, I’ve even been known to sling one on as a dressing gown around the house! There really is no end to it’s versatility. It can make a quite ordinary outfit look something rather special, not to mention hide a multitude of sins, from bingo wings to bottoms.  So I think the kimono is entitled to it’s rightly earned royal status!!

This is my current favourite, The Anna Kimono from Monki.  I’ve been slinging it on with everything!

Kimonos come in long or short lengths and the celebs do not favor one more than the other.   However the longer length is having a moment due to it’s partner in crime ‘the Duster Jacket’

The advantage with the longer kimono is that it creates a dressier look paired with either flats or heels. It’s long been a festival staple but it’s gradually found it’s way in to the main stream. Kate Moss has been swishing around in her fringed versions forever and making them look effortless cool.

Here are a few of my favourites that are out there now, hope you like them too!
Release the Kimono Dragon in you!!

Photography, props and dog (Ramone) thanks to my friend Laura, more on her lovely home and fabulous vintage wardrobe to come……