So as promised my festival guide for us more mature music lovers!  Last Thursday I hit my favourite festival, long gone are the days of sleeping on a ground sheet, not washing for days and emerging out of a tent looking sleepy but stylish… If those days ever did truly exist!!  For those of you who know me, you know camping is not my strong suit.  So enter Soho House, House Festival,  it’s as if someone went out of their way to invent something just for me.

1.5 miles from home, check.  For one day only, so no camping, check.  All you can eat lobster and oysters, check.  All you can drink champagne, check (perhaps my downfall, photo evidence at the end!) check.  I’m sure you’re getting the picture, maybe the best kept secret since secrets began, did I mention no crowds, check!!

This is my 3rd year at this truly splendid event and once again it didn’t fail to not disappoint.  My aim was to take as many snaps of the snappy dresses as possible, but as ever my own enjoyment took over, so most photos were either blurred or taken in the toilet and unusable, so bare with!!

Marble Hill House is the perfect back drop to this amazing day, and made to look even cooler by the very talented folk at Bonbon Balloon.  With balloons the size of giant beach balls in an array of candy colours, they can rest assured they did a great job.  If Mr James and myself ever do make it down the aisle, I will have these guys on speed dial! 
Did I mention the food!!  Although the tickets for this event cost a pretty penny, because you’ve paid for them in March, when the day eventually comes around, physiologically you think your getting everything for free!  The ethos is you don’t need to bring any money with you on the day, and you can just stroll round sampling all the fabulous cuisine and vast array of drinks without ever having to put your hand in your pocket.  This makes for a very relaxed chilled vibe but can cause you to also go a little bananas!! Not moi of course!!  So from the lobster to the oysters, from the Dirty Burgers to the cheese stand.  Lets just say we didn’t go home hungry!
I’m getting very distracted as I did on the day, as my main focus was to talk about what to wear at such an event.  The weather was playing tricks on us and had forecast torrential storms and downpours throughout the day, #annoying!!!!!! So there were many texts and Whats Apps flying around, about who was wearing what, should we bring wellies/raincoat/umbrellas, or in other words ruin are carefully crafted outfits…..

In the end caution was thrown to the wind in a devil may care attitude and all original outfits were resumed with the addition a small black brolly shoved into handbags in case of emergency!!

These 2 got relaxed festival wear down, in over sized shirts.  I was particularly liking the pop of yellow and the fringe on the white shoe, think this is going to be a big look for shoes next season.
This lovely lady caught my eye as I was ordering another glass of bubbles, her oversized canvass hat ticked all my boxes, and who doesn’t need a little denim jacket in their wardrobe?
I loved loved loved this ladies green silk trousers, she looked really cool and fresh and was super nice to boot!
Think I’m pushing it here as this cutey can’t have been more than 12! but I really liked her style and it’s something that could easily transfer.  The denim print dress was fab as were her peep toe boots.
Here comes my new friend, her and her friend caught my eye as not only were they looking hot they were having loads of fun so I decided to hang out with them for a bit!!
I snapped this lady from behind as she just looked so pretty, again probably so young I would have had to kill her, so thought best to stand well back!  I’ve since seen and bought this fab maxi from H&M in the sale for a tenner, now thats what I like to call a bargain!!
I’m like a moth to the flame when it comes to And Other Stories, so I made a bee line to this pretty lady in her her shift looking cool and classic.  Think you can still get this in the sale if your quick.
I met this gorgeous thing in the loo!  She looked amazing in this totally cute jumpsuit.  I liked it as the long sleeve made it a tad more sophisticated, whilst sexy at the same time due to the lovely legs on show, if you’ve got a good pair of pins I say get them out!!
And my prize for best head dress obviously had to go to The Pet Shop Boys, have to say they put on a great show and got all us old groovers up dancing!!
I ended up channeling my inner rock chick in my metallic cos dress, whilst Andrea and Cecilia went kaftan-tastic, Andrea’s cream one from Zara similar here and Cecilia’s fab colour pop pink one from Anti Batik.  Both looked gorgeous as ever, these two could throw on a sack and still look fabulous!
The lovely Lisa monochromed it up in a super slinky kimono from Kooples, black dress and sandals from Topshop and a rather lovely Chanel bag.  She works in fashion darrrrrling!!
As you can see a fun time was had by all, only another year to wait to re-run the fun!  Andrea managed to snag herself a balloon at the end of the evening, only to then go on and pop it in the cab home!!  Talking of cabs……