It might be my current obsession with Game of thrones or that you can’t seem to open a magazine without seeing a pair, but gladiator sandals are having a very big moment. Knee length, ankle grazers or even heeled, it seems you can get them any which way.


I was thinking of leaving the strappy knee length ones, to the toned, tanned, long limbs of the very young, but having squeezed my little pins into a pair I feel a purchase coming on.  I was thinking they could look slightly mutton, but I actually think they are very flattering.  So rest assured I have my eyes on quite a few pairs.


Chloe led the way in this gladiator revolution and like Game of Thrones blonde beauty, Daenerys Targatyen, where she leads the rest will follow…..


SPLURGE on these Chloe lace up wedges
or SAVE on these cheeky Next Gladiator style wedge copies!
If this has wetted your appetite, you better act quickly.  Zara has defiantly led the way with this current trend, and has been on it from the get go.  Hence you can only order these now online, as most stores have sold out.  So get going!!
Yes that’s me!!
What do you think??
As much as I love these little beauties, with my sensible, probably over 40 head on; I would say make sure you allow yourself enough time to put these on before leaving the house!  I think it’s the most amount of time I’ve ever spent trying on a pair of shoes, and at one point I came across all hot and  bothered with myself!!  However I will always put look and style before practicality and comfort, so on this level they win!! Just one more point,  you should probaly be careful if spending long periods of time out in the up coming heat wave; as they could prove for quite interesting tan lines!!

Let the battle commence!!