Hellooo!! it’s been a while, this is what happens when work gets in the way!  I started a new job a couple of months ago which had been pretty full on, so time has been, what I like to call short.  So hope you are all well and ready for this most festive of seasons.

I’ve been deliberating and congitating about a very trivial matter, one that I wouldn’t  have batted an eye lid over, back in the day.  I don’t know about you but as I’ve got older my decision making process has got much worse.  Maybe it’s fear of change or maybe it’s just we become more cautious, but whatever it is it’s bloody annoying.  I’ve been thinking of going pink, not a huge deal, I used to change my hairstyle and colour almost as frequently as my underwear when I was younger, but for some reason it just feels like a much bigger deal these days.  However I’ve thrown caution to the wind and done it!!!

Step one….. feeling slightly nervous!!
I am being slightly pathetic I know, it’s not even permanent!!  I think I’m more worried about being mistaken for Mrs Slocombe, a distinct possibility since my new job is VM manager at a rather large department store!!
What a ledge!!  However below is more how I hope it will turn out,  everybody seems to be giving it a go and why not, whats not to like, especially the really pale pastels, just sooooo pretty.
I used this quick and easy NONE PERMANENT hair colour from Boots  
Well here goes, this is the end result, I actually really like it and think I will be doing it again soon!  but remember ladies pink hair isn’t for life it’s just for Christmas!!!