Well the sales are in full swing, they’ve gone a little early this year due to this pants weather we’ve been having.  Bad for the retailers but absolutely brilliant for us!!  I try to follow a few rules when hitting the sales, to stop me from going completely crazy.  My top tip is always look out for things you’ve been eyeing up before, but didn’t have the funds to buy at the time.  These are items you have thought about and probably already tried on, and if you’re like me, have imagined hanging in your wardrobe, and done a bit of outfit building around it.  If this is the case you will be getting a bargain and buying something you are actually going to wear!!

My second tip, is only buy it if it’s in your size……..  Sounds simple I know, but who hasn’t bought a smaller size, as there was only one left, to “slim into”  or the classic squeezing your trotters into a pair of shoes because they’re really really pretty and only £20.00.  Forgetting the fact you can’t walk in them and your toes might be in danger of dropping off due to lack of blood circulation!!  Remember it’s only a bargain if it fits and you wear it!!

I’ve been totally beside myself with excitement, waiting for the post man this week, as I did quite a bit of early online sale shopping. (I’m hoping Tom won’t read this post!)  I find this is the best way to sale shop, you can usually get the size you want or quite quickly determine if they don’t have it and move on to the next thing.  You don’t get as carried away and make impulse purchases, everything is clean and new, minus orange foundation marks, (who does that anyway Grrrrrrr!!) and you don’t have to battle through the crowds or follow people round in a stelth like fashion, in the vain hope they will put back that dress they’re hanging onto, which you now can’t live without!!!

My first package arrived yesterday, I was actually having a pretty rubbish day and I know it’s terribly shallow but when I answered the door I cheered right up!! I’d gone hard on the And Other Stories sale and this is what I’d ordered…..
At work wearing my new blouse, popping out for lunch in Borough Market.

Clogs Lotta From Stockholm

I’m slightly embarrassed to say I actually got a couple more bits too but they are now sold out….. Oooops now I really hope Tom isn’t reading this!

Here are some other bits I like, and have got my beady eye on.  This little lovely lot, all from All Saints.

The next thing I’m getting all unnecessary about, is the Cos dress I’m waiting to be delivered; this is me trying it on before the sales.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it had been reduced, and needless to say I’ve snapped it up!!
Cos Metallic Dress
Now I could go on and on and on, as there just seems to be so much out there at the moment; but I thought I’d try and hit 2 birds with one stone in this post, as a few of you have been asking for advice with what to wear when it’s hot; without showing too much flesh but still feeling cool and summery.  One friend in particular is going on a city site seeing type of hols this year, and is struggling with outfits and footwear.  I’ve hopefully sorted this problem out for her as we did a bit of online shopping last week.  However it got me thinking that I’m sure she’s not alone in this, so below I’ve compiled a few images of how the celebs do it.  I hope this will give you a few ideas, if not you know where I am!!
As ever, happy shopping ladies!!

Appologies if any items have already sold out…….